What does Google’s counsel Daralyn Durie do for an encore after union-busting fails in Google Books? Argue that scanning 20 million books, lyrics, illustrations, photographs, etc., is fair use. You should understand that what Google does in the books case is exactly what they are going to do in the YouTube class action which is […]

If they can do it for drugs, why can’t they do it for music and movies (and mail order brides)?

And, oh, by the way— This is a Google search from today for the term “buy oxycontin online no prescription”.  As you will see, top of the search results are “cheapoxycontin.org” (registered in the Ukraine) and “floridapillmill.com” (registered in China).  Repeat after me, Google is full of bull. Oh, and don’t worry–the Fat Cat Signal […]

Fat Cat Signal Alert: Behind Revolving Door Number 3, New Improved Astroturf, Now With Even More Google Lobbyists

By last count, Google has way more than two lobbyists or consultants per member of Congress.  So what does Google need in addition to Net Coalition, the CCIA, Public Knowledge, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and millions upon millions in registered lobbyists?  According to reports: A new trade group representing the interests of Internet companies is set […]

Jimbo strikes again

One of the funniest anecdotes of Tweets about the copyleft’s “break the Internet” mantra is attributed to Ana Marie Cox (the brilliant founder of the Wonkette blog) who summed it all up: “It is starting to look like my ‘but I can’t file a piece today, the INTERNET IS BROKEN’ excuse will work afterall. #sopa” — […]

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
In our ongoing series the Wall of Shame showing advertising by major brands appearing on sites hosting unlicensed music and illegally exploiting the rights of artists, this one really spoke to us. BMW advertising appears on the site mp3crank for the unlicensed album download of the critically acclaimed “Drive” Soundtrack. Given…