John Pointer Interview at SXSW

An enlightening short interview with the incomparable John Pointer, artist extraordinaire and founder of a prime example of artists helping artists–and based in Austin, Texas, right where you’d expect to find great artists and great music companies. We did an interview with John last year in the Huffington Post that covers some background on […]

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[3/31/13 Update by Editor Charlie:  We now know courtesy of Google’s DMCA Transparency Report that Google processes roughly 10,000,000 DMCA notices a month for search alone which Google acknowledges to be 97% accurate.  It also seems likely that the Google lobbyist had some idea or actually knew of this…

#NewMusic Weekend: Wild Child, Little Radar, Megafauna, The Preservation, White Dress

Thank God it’s over.   This week’s bands from Austin (the other 50 weeks of the year), selected by the ultimate arbiter of taste.  Via Semaphore Music. 1.  Wild Child (Austin) “Darling Divine” @wildchildsounds 2.  Little Radar (Austin) “Spitfire” @littleradar 3.  Megafauna (Austin) “Scratch the Latch” @megafaunaATX Vinyl release show at Mohawk 3/30 4.  The Preservation […]

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As we have detailed here many many times on The Trichordist,  the advertising industry profits by selling advertising to pirate sites like   But we were  mightily surprised to see advertising firm  TBWA Chiat Day,  apparently doubling down and actually running billboards in Times Square that say things like “Piracy…