Deal Points for Digital Distribution

If you’re in the music business, you’d have to live under a rock not to know that many artists don’t like streaming services.  You may also be aware that many artists also have issues with digital retailers whose advertising arms sell ads to pirate sites.  Well, that kind of narrows it down, I guess, but […]

The MTP Podcast: Keith Bernstein of talks with Chris Castle on Royalty Audits

My interview with Keith Bernstein, the preeminent auditor of digital music services.  A “royalty auditor” visits digital music services on behalf of artists and copyright owners to make sure they are paying royalties in accordance with the services’ contracts.  Keith has conducted these “royalty compliance examinations” (or “audits”) against every major digital music service, frequently […]

A casual example of how Google profits from lyric piracy and screws songwriters

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
I just happened to get a call from a songwriter about an illegal use of the lyrics from his songs.  Thus we found registered in–wait for it….China.  Statshow estimates the monthly revenue is $41,000.00, 112,000,000 annual visitors and Google indexes over 600,000 pages. After a little poking I found that Lyrics007…