@zchase and What’s Up at NPR’s “Planet Money”?

MTP readers will recall when Rap Genius–or what RG’s investor Marc Andreessen has called the “Internet Talmud”–decided to come in from the cold and get licenses for the lyrics that are an integral part of the site.  (“Internet Talmud”?  Really?  Entitled much?) Yes, Mark Andreessen posted on a Rapgenius forum this explanation for why he […]

Full Indie Label Statement on YouTube DMCA Abuse and Bully Boy Tactics

Talk about DMCA abuse! Some people don’t deserve a safe harbor when they turn it into a minefield. WIN YouTube statement YOUTUBE ISSUES CONTENT BLOCKING THREATS TO INDEPENDENT LABELS WIN Raises Concerns About New Music Streaming Agreements Talks Between the Two Parties Yield No Significant Results London, May 22nd 2014 – The Worldwide Independent Network […]

Google/YouTube Said to Be Threatening Censorship Of Artists Videos | The Guardian UK

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
There is an interesting story breaking in the UK’s Guardian about negotiations between indie labels rights organization Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) and Google’s YouTube. “Music industry trade association the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) has accused YouTube of strong-arm negotiating tactics trying to force indie labels to sign up to the…

The Problem with Pies

I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today! J. Wellington Wimpy We recently posted an excellent piece by music publisher Monica Corton that aptly expresses the frustration of music publishers in the Kafka-esque world of government control of songwriting and music publishing.  The agita over government control has been developing for years.  The latest […]

Will Google Include “Right to Be Forgotten” Requests in its “Transparency Report”?

Google and its catspaw the Electronic Frontier Foundation have a lot of experience with takedown notices from the Chilling Effects Clearing House to Google’s “Transparency Report.”  Google has been tracking takedown notices for a long time, now running over 20 million takedown notices a month for search alone (and for their automated takedown tool alone). […]