More Free Non-Display Uses of Music: Google’s Tying Agreements Force Phone Companies to Use YouTube

We’ve talked before about how Google profits out the back door from its “fair use” of scanning millions of books at its high security scanning center (see “Epsilons at the Brave New Googolplex“), what I call “non-display” uses of works of authorship.  Here’s another one, this time with YouTube. Remember–YouTube is essentially a datamining honeypot […]

The Global Database Fallacy: Disdain for Rights + Numerosity + Secrecy = Steroidal Black Box

You’ve probably heard a lot about the gut wrenching need for a “global rights database” because “music licensing is broken”.  It sounds like of like a political campaign advertisement, right? Music licensing is broken Let’s drain the swamp And protect the future for our children Let’s get something straight at the outset:  This “if we […]

Spotify Has Apparently Failed to License, Account and Pay on More than 150 Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven Songs

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
Everyone in the music industry is abuzz with the news that Spotify failed to license much of the Victory Records song catalogue. Spotify failed to pay royalties on these songs. After Victory Records went public Spotify pulled the entire catalogue Spotify spokesperson Jonathan Prince was quick to say this: “We…