MTP Podcast:Fix Google’s Antitrust Problem by Fixing Its Supervoting Stock

All stockholders are equal but some stockholders are more equal than others. HOW A CAREER CON MAN LED A FEDERAL STING THAT COST GOOGLE $500 MILLION Issues that House Judiciary Should Investigate Against Google–End Supervoting Shares for Publicly Traded Companies Google Nonprosecution Agreement with Criminal Division DOJ Eric Schmidt Takes the 5th Under Questioning from Senator […]

Guest Post by Stephen Hollis: South Africa Creative Sectors Petition SA President on Copyright Bill

MTP readers will recall that there is a fierce fight going on in South Africa over a new national copyright amendment that is backed by Big Tech but bitterly opposed by South Africa’s creative sector.  South Africa lawyer Stephen Hollis gives us the background and detail.  We’re pleased to have the opportunity to post Stephen’s article to bring everyone up to speed.