Why is there a Google Books? Part 1: Machine Translations and Customer X

The Author’s Guild has appealed the ridiculous Google Books decision imposed on the world’s authors courtesy of Google’s Silicon Valley hotshot lawyer Daralyn Durie (who is currently representing GoldieBlox against the Beastie Boys, and who appears to be evolving a subspecialty of attacking artists–even if it means unseating the Orrick firm in the rush to […]

Canadian, German and New Zealand Authors Oppose Google Book Settlement: The Smartest Guys in the Room Can’t Handle the Truth–AGAIN

In the latest round of Google’s “make me” litigation strategy, the biggest bully in the schoolyard is confronted by yet another group of angry authors opposed to Google’s wholesale landgrab of the works of civilization. The objection to the Google Books Settlement filed on 1/28 by Canadian authors (although not yet in the docket as […]

Google Fouls Up Again: Google Book Search is a Disaster for Scholars AND Copyright Owners

Google’s Book Search: A Disaster for Scholars. Now that title caught my eye, not the least because it appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The article is extraordinarily honest and well written, with solid research and supporting evidence. We’ve become accustomed to librarians and academics uncritically fawning over the disaster that is Google Books […]