Google’s Bad Advice Reduxio Ad Absurdum: Germany and France to file opposition to Google Books Settlement

Today is the opt-out deadline for the Google Books settlement and the Leviathan of Moutain View has had a busy week for enemy-making. The Syndicat National de l’Edition, which is the French book publishers association, and the Federal Republic of Germany, both filed briefs opposing the settlement on similar grounds–it violates every copyright treaty known […]

Alert from the National Music Publishers Association regarding sheet music and the Google Books Settlement

The Google Books settlement (which is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice, among other people) clearly includes sheet music. How you may ask? Thank your friendly librarians…and see Music Publishing and the Google Books Settlement and Why Music Publishers and their Licensees Should Care About the Google Books Settlement The National Music Publishers […]

DOJ Separates the Dirt from the Tech

This just in: According to FT, “The US Department of Justice has begun informal enquiries into at least one aspect of Google’s sweeping settlement of lawsuits from book publishers and authors, according to two people familiar with the discussions.” Oopsie.