The Importance of Contrition

There’s a friend of mine who is an old Texas district attorney, a guy who reminds me of Gary Cooper in “High Noon”, the reluctant hero. Of his many speeches and interviews, there was one that has stuck with me longer than the others and I think is well worth remembering. If a man wants […]

Nesson cuts to the chase: What am I wearing?

Excellent coverage of the Nesson…sorry, I amost forgot–Tenenbaum–case from Ben Sheffner. Just in case you were wondering what the case is all about, the Master of Disaster, self-styled Dean of Cyberspace and “Team Tenenbaum” leader (also head of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society [] and the Harvard Law School Poker Working Group) summed it […]

Germany engages counsel for Google Books opposition

According to Germany’s chief cop, Brigitte Zypries, the country has engaged counsel to oppose the application of the Google Books settlement to German authors. She also had this observation (which we have yet to hear from the lips of a U.S. Attorney General): “There is a group of Internet Users who believes that the Internet […]

Lawyers, Guns, Bongs and Money

When The Leader of the Swedish Pirate Party was on a speaking tour of the Temporary Autonomous Zones known as Google and the Stanford Law School, there was a surprise development. His moderator admonished the gathered pirate fans to contribute to the Pirate Party by handing cash to The Leader. Yes, within yards of the […]

Behavioral Sciences Czar and related news

This has nothing to do with music, but I noticed an interesting bill introduced last week: “The Secretary [of Energy] shall appoint or designate a Director of Social and Behavioral Research…” In related developments of note: “The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with […]

Remix that Trumpet, Gideon

I was impressed today by Sen. Leahy’s questioning of Justice-select Sotomayor when he asked the Justice-select if she believed that a Constitutional right was only meaningful if there was the ability to enforce that right. So it is with copyright.

Rick Carnes on the Pirate Party

Awesome letter to the editor of the Financial Times by Rick Carnes, our friend and President of the Songwriters Guild. Rick is responding to the call to arms by the Pirate Party’s Member-elect of the European Parliament.