News from the Goolag: Does Creative Commons Corporation help you enforce your rights?

Interesting post by a photographer on Slashdot complaining of–gasp–violations of the Creative Commons Corporation license by “big commercial companies” that use the photographer’s work in violation of the license. One of the examples he links to is Wired Magazine”. The photographer askes “Does anyone care that we’ve gone to all this trouble to create new, […]

News from the Goolag: Grande Prosecutor Macchiato

The public visitors log at the White House seems to have been the greatest boon for the coffee industry in quite some time. The former worldwide head of lobbying for Google, Andrew McLaughlin, joined the Obama White House as a senior technology official–but he still appears to be kept very much “in the loop” on […]


Outstanding testimony today before the House Foreign Affairs Committee by John Morton, Assistant Secretary of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and also known as the Atticus Finch of IP enforcement. Let’s do this thing.