Podcast on issues for new artists on Insurance and other issues

As some of you know, we’ve been posting podcasts that follow along with the 20 Questions for New Artists article.  The latest is now up on iTunes and is #22 in the podcast list and covers the key topic of insurance for bands.  We refer to MusicPro Insurance in the podcast (www.musicproinsurance.com) which is a leading insurance […]

“JSTOR is the RIAA for the Academy”: Understanding the Poker Prof and the Second Story Man

There are some for whom the connection between the Poker Prof and The Second Story Man are obvious.  For some, it is absolutely clear that the “ethics” that Mr. Swartz was taught at Harvard lead directly–perhaps with guidance–to his indictment.  Others would say that there’s no proof of that “leap”.  How would we ever know exactly what […]

And then there were two: Universal Music Publishing Chooses Crunch Digital

As MTP readers will recall, we’ve been big fans of Crunch Digital for a while.  Crunch recently announced that BMG Chrysalis had selected Crunch as a provider for the publisher’s licenses for cloud and streaming services (see “BMG Rights Chooses Crunch Digital for the Clound and Beyond“). Today, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), the world’s leading music […]