Google Says “It’s Our Web”–and they bought it fair and square

Who can forget then-candidate Ronald Reagan’s classic line at the 1980 New Hampshire candidate’s debate:  “I’m paying for this microphone!”  And Google probably is wishing that whichever Ivy League idiot thought of rebranding their anti-SOPA campaign site with the double entendre “It’s Our Web” had not been quite so…uh..transparent…about it all. Because it certainly is “their web” […]

Reason to Believe: Helienne Lindvall on Being Muzzled

In a scene that could have been painted by Hieronymus Bosch or written by Franz Kafka, or illustrated by Lewis Carroll, Helienne Lindvall tells of being invited to that august body, the European Parliament.  The topic that brought out all these democrats?  A “debate” on the Anticonterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA.  Helienne Lindvall was invited […]

Would Lofgren Like Yet Another Apology to Google?

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Google) blasted U.S. Register of Copyright Maria Pallante because of the Register’s statement of the law regarding the purpose of copyright as well as meetings that the Register of Copyrights took with companies in the copyright business at the Copyright Office (i.e., not at Caribou Coffee, the coffee shop across the street from the White House where […]

#NewMusic Weekend: Los Van Van, Terry Malts, Bobby Tank, Tom Williams and the Boat, Alkaline Trio

Top 5 staff picks of the week from Semaphore Music 1.  Los Van Van (Habana) “Aqua” @losvanvan 2.  Terry Malts (Redwood City) “Distracted” @terrymaltshuh 3.  Bobby Tank (London) “Afterburn” @bobbytank 4.  Tom Williams and The Boat (London) “Teenage Blood” @tomwilliamsboat 5.  Alkaline Trio (McHenry) “The American Scream” @alkaline_trio