Fetishized Royalties Through Tim Quirk’s Google Glass

According to the Nashville Business Journal (“Google to Nashville’s music biz: Don’t fetishize the past“): Tim Quirk, head of Android global content programming, had two takeaways for a room filled with people from Nashville’s music business at today’s Google for Creators event: Don’t fetishize the past, and music is priceless….[Quirk said:] “We are here to […]

Welcome to State Sponsored Theft: Iceland is Becoming a Pirate Utopia

“Pirate utopias” have been a twenty year fascination with the anti-copyright crowd, spillover from the  “information wants to be free” cult.  The anarchist Peter Lamborn Wilson writing under the handle “Hakim Bey” wrote what is probably the best known book on the “pirate utopia” under the title “The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism” (1991) or, as it […]

Interesting Letter about USC-Annenberg Innovation Lab Brand Sponsored Piracy Study to Internet Advertising Bureau from Reps. Goodlatte and Schiff and Senators Hatch and Whitehouse

It’s always great when the government follows up on an important issue to artists.  Representatives Goodlatte and Schiff and Senators Hatch and Whitehouse sent this letter to Mr. Randall Rothenberg of the Internet Advertising Bureau that had this choice passage: We were pleased that your November 1, 2011 letter highlighted the IAB’s Network and Exchanges […]

Google’s Glass Brick: Permissionless Innovation Begins at Home….NOT!

“It’s really important that we protect the rights of really good looking people in this society,” Attorney Andrew Bridges of Fenwick & West (frequently representing Google) quoted at Beautiful Person Derek Khanna’s SXSW Panel ______________________________________ In a strange twist of fate, we were recently regaled last year with the sudden ascent of an unknown Hill […]