An Interview by Rick Carnes

[Editor Charlie sez:  Here’s an excerpt from an interesting interview from 2009 that Chris Castle did with Songwriters Guild of America President Rick Carnes, a great friend of MTP and a tireless fighter for songwriters.  Read the full interview on the SGA blog.] Rick:  You constantly take pro-copyright positions that are unpopular with many in […]

Epsilons at the Brave New Googleplex: Film by Fired Google Whistleblower Explains Horrendous Google Books Metadata

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
Here’s another item that won’t make it into the Wikipedia article on “Google, Inc.” MTP readers will recall the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Berkeley Professor Geoffrey Nunberg, “Google Book Search: A Disaster for Scholars.” [Scholars] need reliable metadata about dates and categories, which is why it’s…

Attention Mr. Almunia: Justice Department Evidence Against Megavideo Confirms Adsense Account

by Chris Castle Joaquín Almunia, the Vice President of the European Commission in Charge of Competition currently investigating Google’s unsavory business practices in Europe may wish to consider the dark underbelly of Google’s advertising business when deciding whether to give the company an unprecedented third opportunity to settle the competition questions against the global monopolist. […]