@natgeo and @geico sponsor beheading videos on YouTube…yes, real ones


[Editor Charlie sez: Here’s a recent “content warning” video embedded from YouTube:

So YouTube makes it look like they are screening violent videos, but all they are really doing is grabbing users email addresses to sell them other stuff and preserving Google’s monopoly over video traffic by allowing grotesque videos to drive traffic to YouTube through referring sites.


YouTube–the #1 music destination online–is also the home of all sorts of grotesque videos, monetized by YouTube and Google.  Try searching YouTube for “beheading” and you’ll get the idea.  544,000 search results all available for streaming directly into your home, right now, all over Internet television.

Not only is YouTube available at home, but it’s also linked to Google’s education apps, government apps, and by the Android.  And these are not just an odd video here and there, these videos account for millions of views.

Some of the beheading videos are behind YouTube’s easily defeated “content warning” screens, which just means that you have to log in with a fake email to see the video (and that gives YouTube even more data about your viewing habits).  Google will no doubt act like this “content warning” excuses the monetizing of the videos.

There is no excuse.