How Spooky Is It? YouTube Pushes Jihadi Recruitment Videos While The Internet Association Tells Us Washington is “Spooky” for the Internet

Every now and then I get these absurdly childlike emails from the Internet Association (which is yet another Google-dominated lobbying group in Washington).  Here’s the latest: If what gets you up in the morning are patent trolls, you’re probably not going to relate to this next bit very well.  But here’s a thought about what […]

Mr. Lowery’s Speaking Tour: Interview with @davidclowery after Columbia Law School, George Mason University and CMJ Keynote

David Lowery just concluded a whistlestop tour of academic panels at George Mason University and the Columbia Law School, finishing with a keynote at the Continuing Legal Education program at CMJ.  We caught up to him for a recap of his brush with academia: MTP: What were these conferences about? How did you bring your […]

Bari Leigh Hosts #irespectmusic in Nashville at Her Record Release Show

Nashville artist Bari Leigh decided to add the #irespectmusic theme to the release party in Nashville recently for her new record, “Tonight, I’m Unchained” on Bari’s Starfish Media imprint through ECR Music Group (available at iTunes and other retailers).  In addition to the marketing and promotion support for Bari’s record, she used that effort to focus attention […]

RIP CPL Nathan Cirillo, The Argylls

“For this offering of their lives, made in common by them all, they each of them, individually received that renown which never grows old, and for a sepulchre, not so much that in which their bones have been deposited, but that noblest of shrines wherein their glory is laid up to be eternally remembered upon […]

Blake Morgan Explains the #irespectmusic AND I VOTE! campaign and the Importance of @respectcreators at @thebitterend Show in NYC

On October 14, Blake Morgan and a great line up of performers hosted a sold out standing room only live show for the #irespectmusic AND I VOTE! campaign at the legendary Bitter End in Greenwich Village.  In addition to stellar performances by City of the Sun, Jus Post Bellum, Coyle Girelli and Janita as well as a […]

The Return of Brand Sponsored Piracy: Google’s Artist Shakedown Continues But This Time They Really, Really, Really Mean It

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
Trichordist readers will recall our many posts about how Google uses search to drive traffic to unlicensed sites where Google Adsense or Doubleclick serves the advertising that keeps the illegal site operating.  And turns a nice profit for Google.  This is the principal way Google profits from piracy as far…

Rep. @jerrynadler Speech Supporting Performance Royalty at #irespectmusic AND I VOTE! Show at The Bitter End

Last Tuesday, some outstanding artists put on an electrifying sellout show at the Bitter End in Greenwich Village supporting the #irespectmusic AND I VOTE! campaign.  Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) gave one of the best speeches yet on why all artists should get paid for their work, whether it’s online or radio play on terrestrial radio. […]