The Poker Prof and Dancing Jesus

You may have heard about two men (one of whom pleaded guilty) jailed in the UK for operating a Bit “We Know Nothing” Torrent site called “Dancing Jesus” that seems to have specialized in pirating pre-release copies of famous recording artists. According to Site owner and administrator Kane Robinson, 26, was jailed for two […]

Uncle Sugar Says Feed the Hits, Starve the Rest

Once again, Eric Schmidt (call sign “Uncle Sugar”) shows us why he will never understand the music business. Many, many years ago, I attended a panel that included a finance executive from a major label.  He was describing how the record company allocated resources to the records they were working. As he explained it, 90% […]

Guest Post: “Taylor Swift, Spotify and the Musical Food Chain Myth” by @DoriaRoberts #irespectmusic

[Ed. Note: Chris Castle says:  We are so lucky to have the opportunity to publish this illuminating post by Doria Roberts, an outstanding discussion that shines a light on the issues facing all professional artists. I’m sure we’ll hear Doria’s strong voice many times in the future and will be the better for her.]  “The most […]

Sirius Must Go To Trial with Flo & Eddie–“Baffling” Request to Appeal Denied in California

Order Denying Sirius Certification While the Court is largely unpersuaded and sometimes baffled by Sirius XM’s repetitive or off-point theories about how reasonable jurists might read an unwritten exclusion into §980(a)(2), the Court will not analyze the potential grounds for difference of opinion because certification of this Order suffers from an even more basic deficiency. […]

Public Citizen’s List of Examples of “Third Party” Groups to Which Google Provides Support

As we know, Google spends hundreds of millions every year to extend its influence through government, academia and the media.  (Although sometimes with the media it extends its influence through theft wrapped in a bunch of excuses). The venerated good government group Public Citizen released a comprehensive report entitled “Mission Creep-y” that measures many dimensions […]

Timing is Everything: Sirius May be Barred from Appealing California Loss to Turtles #irespectmusic

Rut ro.  For those of you following along, remember that Flo & Eddie won a tremendous victory against SiriusXM on a motion for summary judgement in federal court before U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez in California in a putative class action on behalf of all pre-72 recordings. Sirius appealed the Turtles case. Also recall that […]