Antitrust Lawfare Breaking Out by Google and Spotify Against Apple–Using Your Music

As reported in The Verge, that ever-reliable source for Spotify press releases, the Federal Trade Commission is apparently continuing its investigation of Google….no wait…Apple.  Sorry, that’s the European Commission that’s investigating Google.  We’ll come back to that. And what is the FTC investigating this time and at whose request? Spotify’s misleading and muddled advertising campaign […]

Even More Transparent: 5 Omissions From Berklee College/Rethink Music’s Report

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
I love transparency. Last week Berklee College of Music/Rethink-Music/Kobalt Music released this report on transparency and fair pay in the music business.  The report eviscerates the record labels, publishers and performing rights organizations for failing to provide the proper level of  transparency and fair pay to artists. While we can agree…

Here They Go Again: Did You Take the Spotify UnRoyalty So Spotify Could Spend Money on Lobbyists to Attack Apple?

According to Politico, the Washington insider pub: Spotify’s lobbyists have quietly made the rounds in D.C., whispering to lawmakers for months that Apple’s new music offering threatens to stifle its competitors, according to sources familiar with the discussions. The apparent goal has been to raise antitrust suspicions about the iPhone giant, which faced a previous […]