The Grand Deflection: Spotify “Database” Closes the Door After the Fox is in The Chickencoop

More on this to come, but now Spotify has been called out as a potential infringer by artists and songwriters, now–now–suddenly it’s Spotify making this announcement: Today we are excited to announce that Spotify will invest in the resources and technical expertise to build a comprehensive publishing administration system to solve this problem. Right…that’s called […]

Rate Court is Over: Pandora Caves, Signs Licenses with ASCAP and BMI, Drops Appeal

According to StreetInsider, MIC Coalition member Pandora has returned to Planet Earth and closed licenses with ASCAP and BMI, ending years of rate court litigation by the highly litigious Pandora under the controversial Department of Justice consent decrees. Pandora (NYSE: P) and ASCAP and BMI, the world’s leading Performance Rights Organizations (PROs), today announced the signing […]