@bsookman: Worldwide de-indexing order against Google upheld by Supreme Court of Canada — Artist Rights Watch

[Editor Charlie sez: The DMCA is still not an alibi…] The Supreme Court of Canada released a landmark decision today ruling that Canadian common law courts have the jurisdiction to make global de-indexing orders against search engines like Google. via @bsookman: Worldwide de-indexing order against Google upheld by Supreme Court of Canada — Artist Rights […]

@fooyunchee @auchard: Google faces years of EU oversight on top of record antitrust fine — Artist Rights Watch

Beyond a headline-grabbing 2.4 billion euro ($2.7 billion) fine EU antitrust regulators have leveled against Google, the internet giant is likely to be shackled for years by Tuesday’s precedent-setting decision defining the company as a monopoly. The ruling opens the door for further regulatory actions against more crucial parts of Google’s business – mobile phones, online ad buying and specialized search categories like travel – while easing the standard of proof for rivals to mount civil lawsuits showing Google has harmed them.

A must read post on @thetrichordist by @davidclowery: A Compromise Proposal to Fix Streaming Royalties,Licensing and Notification

I have a feeling I’m about to wander off the reservation here. I say this because what I’m about to propose is essentially a modification of a potential legislative proposal that rumor has it the NMPA is floating. That proposal seems to be generating some negative backlash in songwriter/publisher community (whether it deserves it or not)…from The Trichordist

@bgedelman: Uber Can’t Be Fixed — It’s Time for Regulators to Shut It Down — Artist Rights Watch

The problem at Uber goes beyond a culture created by toxic leadership. The company’s cultural dysfunction, it seems to me, stems from the very nature of the company’s competitive advantage: Uber’s business model is predicated on lawbreaking. And having grown through intentional illegality, Uber can’t easily pivot toward following the rules. via @bgedelman: Uber Can’t Be […]

Alexa, where’s my credit?

Last year, I was honored to participate in a symposium on the subject of “moral rights” sponsored by the U.S. Copyright Office and the George Mason University School of Law’s Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property.  The symposium’s formal title was “Authors, Attribution and Integrity” and was at the request of Representative John J. Conyers, […]

Producer’s Share of SoundExchange Royalties

We often get questions about whether producers get a share of webcasting royalties.  Let’s get one thing straight first of all: SoundExchange deals with the limited performance right for sound recordings available in the U.S.  This is not about songs or publishing. Remember–producers get paid a share of the artist royalty, usually from all sources. […]