Here Come the SPOT Analysts

It’s still very early days for stock analysts to reach a consensus about Spotify except for one thing–royalties are too damn high.  We have, of course, heard this one before–remember Pandora?  When Tim Westergren was cashing out his stock to the tune of $1 million a month and the company was wasting money hand over […]

Remembering Levon Helm

Six years ago we lost Levon Helm, one of the great groove players and blues singers.  I was lucky enough to see Levon at the Ramble before he passed, a spectacularly night for authenticity.

Must read: @creativefuture: #PlatformResponsibility Starts with Facebook – but All of Silicon Valley Must Step Up — Artist Rights Watch

More excellent argumentation from Creative Future. 04-09-18 Last month, CreativeFuture asked you, our followers, what you thought about platform responsibility. Little did we know that, in the meantime, the issue would start taking over the front pages of our newspapers and websites! In a nutshell, the issue is whether Google, Facebook, and their Silicon Valley […]

Guts is Enough: RIP R. Lee Ermey

Private Joker is silly and he’s ignorant, but he’s got guts and guts is enough.  Now you ladies carry on. If anyone was the personification of the universal soldier it was R. Lee Ermey.  Gunny Ermey portrayed the quintessential sergeant who is and always has been the backbone and institutional memory of every military since […]

@scleland: The Huge Hidden Public Costs (>$1.5T) of U.S. Internet Industrial Policy — Artist Rights Watch

[Editor Charlie sez: Scott Cleland takes an excellent deep dive into the “leechonomics” of the safe harbors afforded to the special people who are members of the Internet Association and the Digital Media Association. This corporate welfare was most recently replicated in the punitive Music Modernization Act retroactive safe harbor bolstering profits from copyright infringement […]