This will drive the Gerd Leonhard contingent nuts, do doubt.  Bless Michael Bloomberg for leading the effort to counter the dehumanizing attacks on the creators.  Tom Papa does a great job. Oh–by the way, if you search Google for “tom papa torrents“?  52,000 results, including The Pirate Bay on the first page of search results.  […]

Grande Prosecutor Macchiato: What’s next for the coffee generation?

According to Politico, the former worldwide head of lobbying for Google, former Berkman Center poobah and now former White House technology advisor Andrew McLaughlin is moving on.  Yes, days before Congressman Daryl Issa takes over the chair of the House Government Oversight Committee but still during the statute of limitations, coffee critic McLaughlin is leaving the White […]

Digital Music News: The Year End Capitulation Issue

Every now and then you see “stories” in the Digital Music News email newsletter that make you wonder what kind of group think is going on in the office.  For example, two stories in today’s issue spring to mind.  One knocks Universal for spending money on lobbying, the other compares Google’s market cap with the […]

The Hargreaves Review: Liberte Egalite Downloading in the UK

The storm clouds are forming in the UK over appointments to the Hargreaves Review, a six-month government intellectual property review to examine barriers to new internet-based business models, including the costs of obtaining permissions from existing rights-holders. (Ian Hargreaves is currently the chair of Digital Economy at the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and Cardiff […]

Bravo Alex Luke

I’m not going to get sidetracked about how shallow some of the news coverage has been about Alex Luke’s transition to EMI.  It’s clearly the best news we’ve had in years, and so it’s natural that some in the old school digital press want to keep the self-induced death watch stories rolling for record companies. […]