September issue of MusicTechPolicy Monthly is out!

We publish a subscription only monthly newsletter (called, strangely enough, MusicTechPolicy Monthly) that uses content that is not previously published on MTP.  This month’s edition is on the PROTECT IP Act and includes opinion by Mike McCurry and Mark McKinnon, Robert Levine, Luke Ebbin, Terry Hart and Chris Castle. Remember–it’s free but subscription only.  If […]

Geist allows death threats on public officials in blog comments; What Happend to the Poker Prof’s Student Group?

Although I’m sure the Prime Minister’s security detail is on top of it, we have another stunning example of negligence on anti-copyright blogs perpetuating the worst sort of chilling speech this time in the form of detailed death threats and assassination advocacy on Michael Geist’s blog directed against the Prime Minister and the heritage minister. […]

Blame Bing Strategy Crumbles: Eric Schmidt “takes the 5th” under questioning from Senator John Cornyn

I’ve knocked around Washington long enough to know that when somebody starts being really nice to you in a public hearing, your attack plan should go to DefCon 1 immediately–check your six and hold onto your wallet.  I always think that the smartest guys in the room already know these things, but maybe not. During Eric […]

Fire in the House of Google: Does Google Hard Wire YouTube Search Results?

“Hold tight, we’re in for nasty weather…” “Burning Down the House” By David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Christopher Frantz and Tina Weymouth Largely due to YouTube’s dominance, artists and entrepreneurs with legitimate online music video platforms have it tough competing with YouTube.  When Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition […]