“Google and the World Brain”

We have been no fans of the Google Books project, from its tortured use of sovereign immunity to take books out the back door of state libraries for commercial gain to the crappy deal for authors, to Google’s attack on the class representatives, to Lessig’s bizarre defense of the project (conveniently forgotten as it sank […]

Underreporting and No Accountability: Another Reason Streaming Royalties are So Small

We’re all mad here… Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll The following are my initial comments to the current proposed rulemaking at the Copyright Office that would, in my view, give digital streaming services a pass on transparency and accountability for their extraordinarily low royalty payments.  The reporting on the ridiculously low royalty payments […]

Originally posted on The Trichordist:
We spend most of our time here focused on artists rights as it applies to music and musicians. But we wanted to see if the film industry was having the same challenges as music. We believe in the rights of all creators to consent and compensation for their work (ethical…

It’s Called A Union, Numbnuts: New Boss Scumbags at Maker Studios and Machinima Are Worse than the Old Boss Scumbags

If you ever wondered why the unions should organize YouTube, it’s finally raised its ugly head:  scumbag anti-artist agreements at the shadowy Maker Studios and Machinima.  Read “YouTube Stars Fight Back” in the LA Weekly and you’ll get the idea. And this doesn’t even count the problems these people have created for themselves by ignoring […]

Originally posted on Four Nights of Music Rights:
If you came to Meeting 4 of Four Nights of Music Rights last October, you saw Chris Castle and David Lowery (founder of Cracker and Camper Van Beethovan) pick apart one of the biggest problems in the music business–the purchase of advertising on pirate websites by Fortune…