Artist Representatives Embarrass Themselves Again By Not Signing Their Clients for SoundExchange Royalties

There’s another list circulating of some well-known artists who are not signed up for SoundExchange.  There’s always an implication somehow that this is the fault of SoundExchange as opposed to a failure on the part of the artist’s managers, business managers, accountants or lawyers. Newsflash: SoundExchange can’t force anyone to sign up as a featured […]

New Shit Has Come to Light: Google is Buying Spotify

Remember when Kara Swisher reported (July 21, 2014): Omid Kordestani, who has just temporarily replaced Nikesh Arora as chief business officer of Google, is joining the board of Spotify, according to people with knowledge of the situation. In addition, sources said, one of the search giant’s former execs, Shishir Mehrotra, will become a special adviser to CEO Daniel […]

Guest Post by Keith Bernstein: Holy GAAP! Publishers Not Getting the Upside

[Editor Charlie sez: This is a guest post by Keith Bernstein, CEO of Crunch Digital and its sister company Royalty Review Council.  In a nutshell, non-cash components of licensing agreements–like stock–have been a hot topic lately when The Verge “leaked” a copy of Sony’s agreement with Spotify.  Years ago, the statutory streaming mechanical license rules […]

The Great Triangulator: Whatever Happened with David Lowery’s Spotify Complaint to the NY Attorney General?

Digital Music News is reporting that David Lowery sent a demand letter to Spotify around December 15, 2015 regarding Spotify’s failure to license some of his songs.  More about that later. What’s interesting about that is that it suggests that Lowery was getting nowhere with his November 9, 2015 complaint to the New York Attorney […]

Spotify Strikes Out Again

MTP readers will remember that David Lowery sued Spotify for failing to license, account and pay mechanical royalties for David’s songs as well as those of a potential class.  Naturally the early maneuvering in Spotify’s response to the case has to do with whether a class action is the appropriate vehicle for pursuing what appears […]

More Fancy Stuff From Spotify Against David Lowery

I’ve been reading over Spotify’s papers filed in response to David Lowery’s lawsuit against the company and noticed a couple of things.  One that is hiding in plain sight, so to speak, the other that is quite a gloss on reality. The Case of the Purloined Stream Recall that Spotify has said several times that […]