Gloria Steinem: Artists Rights Are Human Rights #IRESPECTMUSIC

Originally posted on The Trichordist: Electronic Frontier Fondation disagrees.  “*&#$&^@!!!!” So let’s see…. Human Rights are interfering with our freedoms?  Help me out here.  I guess you have to be a lawyer to understand this logic. RELATED: Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 27 The Human Rights of Artists Google pretends to care about…

Attention Mr. Almunia: Townspeople with Pitchforks in the South of France Confirm YouTube is a Monopoly

I know Mr. Almunia probably didn’t take this Yank seriously–God knows I do that with real Yankees all the time (even when it’s not SXSW).  But, Mr. Vice President, be advised:  Google really did extend its search monopoly to another search vertical when it acquired YouTube and YouTube is a monopoly. Nowhere was this more […]