Somebody Give Me a Cheeseburger

The last time I saw Steve Miller was at Blues Night in Bohemia with Taj Mahal, Roy Rogers and John Handy in that awesome sub-basement concert stage.  (We’d both played some of the same seedy clubs in Texas, but that was a long time ago.)  His recent interview with the Wall Street Journal on being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is worth reading:

What do you think of the music business in 2016?

The record companies are all thieves, they should all be put in jail; the tech guys who do all the streaming, they’re all crooks. Nobody cares anything about the artists. It hasn’t changed a bit. I will not live long enough to win the lawsuits I want to file. [Laughs.]

Is that depressing to you?

It’s depressing because we’ve lost all the studios, we’ve lost all the engineers, we’ve lost all the manufacturers who made the great equipment….