City of San Francisco Stops Mission District Playground Soccer Field Permits

In case you missed it, Big Tech’s takeover of San Francisco has been assessed a penalty kick:  According to the SF Examiner, Parks & Rec have stopped selling reservations on the Mission Playground soccer fields.

Nearly 300 people rallied outside City Hall on Thursday morning before the Recreation and Park Commission meeting in which the policy change was adopted, and the teenagers who appeared in the viral video spoke to the crowd.

“I used to think the parks were ours,” said Hugo Vargas, a 15-year-old Mission resident who was in the video. “Knowing that they’re selling our parks is not fair. … Mission Playground is not for sale.”

Now the field will be free to use for the community, Ginsburg said at the meeting. Youth soccer leagues will still be allowed to purchase permits to reserve fields.

“At the crux of this issue is a lack of play space for our kids,” Ginsburg said.

The decision to rescind pay-for-play soccer at Mission Playground came following a meeting with the teens from the video, he said.

“These youth convinced me and convinced my staff,” Ginsburg said.

As someone who spent some childhood years in the “legacy” San Francisco, let me say damn right.

Here’s the viral video that shows some bros, evidently from Dropbox, who couldn’t handle themselves on the playground as they tried to throw neighborhood kids off the soccer pitch.  Let’s just say there’s a side of San Francisco the bros know NOTHING about.  They’re lucky that someone was taking the video they complained of.