Save the Date: “Music Publishing After the Music Modernization Act” at Texas Bar Entertainment Law Institute on November 9

I’m pleased to let you know that veteran music publisher Richard Perna and I will be presenting “Music Publishing After the Music Modernization Act” on November 9 at the 29th Annual Entertainment Law Institute in Austin co-sponsored by the State Bar of Texas Entertainment & Sports Law Section.  You can get more information and register at this link.

If the bill fails by November 9, we will discuss why.

If the bill has become law by November 9 we will discuss:

–the future of voluntary licensing and payment of minimum guarantees after passing;

–how will local repertoire be represented in the U.S. collective;

–practical aspects of transferring all existing NOIs to the collective;

–operational deadlines for collective;

–the reachback safe harbor and valuations;

–hidden administration costs and who bears them (unfunded mandates of the federal government);

–the practical aspects of engaging with the new “mechanical licensing collective” for U.S. and international publishers;

–what kind of publishers and valuations are likely to be most affected by the law;

–what kind of publishers and valuations are likely to be unaffected by the law;

–how songwriters and publishers will collect monies owed to them;

–ethical implications of withdrawals from the black box by the collective’s board of directors;

–ethical implications for CPAs ordered by the government to seek benefits for digital services against their client’s interest.