Wendy! Wendy! Peter’s Off His Meds Again! CEO Madness Sets in At Facebook

Emporer zuck

According to a team of long-time tech reporters in the New York Times (see Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis):

[Apple CEO Tim] Cook’s criticisms [of Facebook’s well known intrusive data harvesting for its addiction machine] infuriated Mr. Zuckerberg [aka the boy who wouldn’t grow up], who later ordered his management team to use only Android phones — arguing that the operating system had far more users than Apple’s.

True, except Android sucks and scrapes worse than Friendster.  I mean, Facebook.

Some people refer to the music business as being run by the same five crazy uncles–but truth, they don’t hold a candle to the FANGsters.

But Sheryl Sandberg’s performance in the role of Wendy Darling is getting a bit hard to watch as Peter Pan self destructs on the way to his own version of Casa Neverland.  But Zuck has that special stock that gives him 10 votes for every share (copied by Daniel Ek, by the way) so unless he wants to step down, Zuck ain’t going nowhere no matter how crazy his crazy gets.

zuck in moscow

Well…maybe there is a limit to crazy.  No koolaide for Facebookers.