RIP Jay Rosenthal

When I started MusicTechPolicy in 2006, Jay Rosenthal was one of the first people in Washington policy circles who embraced me.  This says much more about him than it does about me.  He didn’t need to be particularly courteous to me or even acknowledge I existed.  But he was a kind person, genuinely interested in mentoring and he extended me encouragement and courtesy in the finest tradition of the legal profession.  As they say, damn few.

We were on many, many panels over the years and I always enjoyed his deep knowledge and generous nature as did everyone in our line of work.  In the few instances when we were opposite, he always proved himself to be a man whose word was his bond—better than a contract or leverage.  Jay demonstrated that the importance of courtesy and honesty cannot be emphasized enough to all lawyers, new and old.  He was living proof that great authority can be wielded with great humility and that those who do so gain great admiration and respect from those with whom they deal. 

A great human being and a kind, forthright and charitable man first and foremost.   And also a great leader and legal thinker.  

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  1. Thanks Chris.

    So well said. Really tough and trying to remember the good times and who he was.. just very tough right now.



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