An Overlooked Story: Community Radio Supports American Music Fairness Act

[Editor Charlie sez: That’s refreshing good news!]


Community Broadcasters and Allies Announce Support for the American Music Fairness Act 

24 June 2021

The Alliance for Community Media, Common Frequency, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Media Alliance, Prometheus Radio Project and REC Networks have released the following joint statement regarding the introduction of the American Music Fairness Act:

As supporters of community broadcasting, including community radio, college radio, and Low Power FM, we’re pleased to support the American Music Fairness Act.

The legislation, introduced by Rep. Deutch and Rep. Issa ensures that performing musicians will be paid for their work when played on the radio, as is already the case in most of the world. It also contains important provisions ensuring that small and non-commercial broadcasters will not be unduly burdened.

Under the provisions of the American Music Fairness Act, the annual fee that non-commercial broadcasters will pay for sound recording royalties for their over-the-air broadcast will be both affordable ($100) and predictable; it will not go up in the future. Broadcasters with annual budgets under $100,000 will pay even less—only ten dollars—but that low annual fee will help unlock millions of dollars in international royalties for musicians.

America’s vibrant tradition of community radio has helped to elevate and preserve regional sounds, often featuring artists and genres excluded from most commercial radio playlists. Community broadcasters and independent media give voice to the experiences, concerns, and creativity of diverse communities. This is one reason why musicians have been strong supporters of expanded LPFM opportunities. We believe that the relationship between community broadcasters and musicians should continue to be mutually supportive, and we’re proud to stand together today.