YouTube’s Animal Abuse Videos

YouTube Animal Abuse

If you’ve been following Rep. Ted Deutch’s “Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture” bill co-sponsored with Rep. Vern Buchanan, it may come as a surprise that there is actually such a thing as “animal crush” videos.  It’s just too sad to really discuss in any detail–other than to commend Reps Deutch and Buchanan for stepping up on this bi-partisan legislation.

Like every other awful thing in the world, a search for “animal crush” on YouTube brings you a slew of horror, all of which is available to children as well as the deranged.  And it’s not like YouTube doesn’t know these videos are there–here’s one that is “age-restricted”.

Animal Cruelty Age Restricted

Someone had to make that decision–someone at YouTube.


Sara Amundson, President, Humane Society Legislative Fund, said, “Decades ago the Federal Bureau of Investigation recognized the seriousness of animal cruelty and its link to escalating violence toward humans. Representatives Deutch and Buchanan are tremendous advocates for animal protection, and we are grateful to them for seeking to eradicate malicious cruelty.”

In 2010, Congress passed the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, which made the creation, sale and distribution of animal crushing videos illegal. However, these depraved acts of cruelty against animals remain legal. Buchanan was a co-sponsor of the legislation when it passed the House in 2010. The PACT Act builds on the 2010 law by closing this loophole and prohibiting certain cases of animal abuse.

If it is a felony to make animal crush videos, and its illegal to sell and distribute them, then someone please explain to me why YouTube is not complicit and an accessory.  Maybe Susan Wojcicki could explain to the Congress how the Communications Decency Act shields YouTube on this one, too.