A Blast From the Past: Lessig on Colbert

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Lawrence Lessig
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This is a hysterical example of what happens when a geek talks down to a comedian on his own show. Note how Lessig blows it in the first 20 seconds with THAT TONE on the word “together”. But the Lessig apologists are at work to resuscitate the Tripster with the quote in the overlay–belied by Lessig’s own damning statement that Flickr makes all the money off of other people’s work.

Nice try, acolytes.

This is sort of like how Creative Commons Inc. raises millions from odd places which it wouldn’t be able to do unless millions of unsuspecting people were using the flawed Creative Commons “licenses” or “deeds” or whatever they’re called this week by the self-serving shilling for the self-absorbed–thus giving a fig leaf to those false innovators who wish to give the appearance of supporting creativity but actually acting out of their own self-interest.